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About Us

A big hello from #‎stickadog to all dog lovers! We are two dog enthusiasts and we founded Stick a Dog so everyone will be able to show the love for his dogs in a new way. Dedication to design and love for dogs is the reason we do what we do

For us they are not just another sticker! We wear them proud because they show you who we love.  Attention to details, vision ...all combined with love and appreciation for our canine friends - this is how #stickadog came to life!

Because the world without dogs just would not be a place worth living in.

Our dog stickers are made from high quality, weatherproof material and are available in a variety of sizes and colors!

An exclusive film of premium quality, designed for high-performance permanent marking applications requiring an 8-10 years outdoor life. An outstanding choice for fleet marking, equipment identification, window graphics, and logos.

Get yours today and #stickadog.